Living the Flower of Life Mystery School

Living the flower of life mystery school is  a place where the mystery of life is opened to everyone who is looking for connection with the oneness of the universe. We like to create space for people to be able to connect spirit with matter, aligning your divine self with your physical self. To live with a clear mind connected to your heart. By opening the heart your inner light can shine more and more and will illuminate the world around you.


We organise introduction workshops Mastering Your Energy, for anyone who wants to know more about energy fields and how to manage your own energy level. There are crystal workshops for how to work with crystals intuitively. And we have a program "Living the Being" for lightworkers and professionals in a co-production with Lorna Collins. This is program of 5 days to raise your frequency for  5-dimensional living. 






------nov 2019-----

friday 22-11              LIVING THE BEING day 1      Zwartebroek 10-17.30h

saturday 23-11         LIVING THE BEING  day 2     Zwartebroek 10-17.30h 

sunday  24 -11          LIVING THE BEING  day 3     Zwartebroek  10-17.30h

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Workshop "Mastering Your Energy"

Quotes van deelnemers:

" De workshopdag : Mastering your Energy  leerde met mij met beide benen op de grond te staan en helder te krijgen hoe het zit met energiebanen binnen je lichaam waardoor ik nu ook op drukke dagen veel beter in staat ben in balans te blijven en gelijkmoedig te zijn! "


"Ik ben door de vakkundige begeleiding van Helena en Robin weer een stukje ontvankelijker geworden voor de energie/liefde van het Universum. Daar ben ik ze zeer dankbaar voor."

English or dutch spoken:

Workshop on demand. If we have a group of three persons we can start a workshop. Costs 100 euro from 10.00-15.00 h. Lunch, coffee and tea included. In Zwartebroek near Amersfoort.


This is one-day workshop which will give you a better insight in what energy is, how you can manage your own energy better, how you can bring more flow of energy into your daily life, how to step more into your inner power and how you can live in love and abundance by connecting with the Universal energy. The program is as follows:


• The bigger picture of energy

• Meditation: grounding and centering

• Energy fields and energy systems

• Hara-line, center of your inner power

• Meditation: Aligning your energy system with the Universal life energy


The use of meditation techniques is a vital part of our workshops. You don’t need to have experience with meditation, but an open mind is helpful. Research has shown that meditation and being in silence with your inner self has a healing influence on our total wellbeing. Meditation activates the self-healing ability of your energy body, it is a way of increasing your awareness and it connects you more with your heart. Being more connected with your heart makes your life more meaningful and joyful. 


Multidimensional energy systems are active in and around us. In this workshop we focus on the overarching Hara system that align us with the Hara-line. This energetic connection empowers our inner strength, feeds our chakra’s and connects you with a positive flow in your life.



Program "Living the Being":


The program gives tools for problems that keeps us divided and stressed, because of all the tension in work effort and combining that with a joyful life. This program gives a new perspective to be more in balance with your own energy and the energy of the planet. So that both can transform to a health environment and better wellbeing! This is a program for light workers and HSP or anyone who want to be a change in the world.


Day 1 and 2 can be attended in this weekend,or  you can attend them separately. This is part of a program that comes in total of 5 days. Costs 150 euro ex VAT each day, vegetarian lunch included. Also included free meditations monthly to keep up your level of energy and align. This product is a program from Robin Groeneveld, Helena van Ruyven en Lorna Collins in co-production. 



Workshop" living with crystals"

Crystal Workshop

sun 3 november 2019 

“ Living with Crystals”

10.00 to 17.00 h.

The course is in English/Dutch

 Crystals are the “ Powerbanks” of nature. Throughout thousands and even millions of years, Mother Earth has compressed the energies of the earth and the cosmos into the crystals. Since the crystals are made by Universal powers, they carry the energies and the consciousness of the Universe. The moment you open yourself for the loving & powerful energies of the crystals, you are able to connect to a wide variety of healing and empowering energies.


“ The deep energies of the crystals have overwhelmed me. In connection with me, the crystals reveal all the secrets of the Universe. It makes me humble and silent” (Reflections after crystal course - Robin Groeneveld




• Exploring the world of crystals

• Connecting and opening up to crystals

• Creating a field with crystals

• Working with crystals

• Cleaning crystals



• Workshop - 150 euro (incl  lunch & drinks)





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